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NRA Certified Instructor: Michael O'Shay Gardner

A little about myself:

Growing up on a farm in West Virginia, I remember my Grandparents and Parents having guns. As a youth I was always fascinated with firearms, that being said, and the way things were back then,  the world being a different place at that time. I remember shotguns and rifles standing in the corners, pistols in drawers, loaded and ready to go, and ammo always close at hand, we had livestock so there was a need to be ready at a moments notice for predators or whatever.

Even as young as I was when I realized what a gun was, and was taught about the dangers of misusing them. I never touched one until I was of the age that my Parents and Grandparents thought I was old enough to learn the safety and proper use of them, that was around the age of 9 or 10, so I have been shooting for about 40 years.

There were times when I didn't own a gun, but still liked to shoot and never lost the love of the shooting sports, but it was some years ago that I earnestly decided to get back into the discipline and obtained my CCW for my job, and also decided to become an Instructor to aid others in obtaining theirs and hopefully introducing them to the sport of shooting and the safety aspects of owning firearms. 

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